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Dietary Supplements

Today, the internet and shops are filled with different kinds of supplements, so why should you choose us and our products? Who needs to take supplements and what are the effects?

Dietary supplements are generally taken for two purposes, either for health reasons or for performance-enhancing purposes as the need for certain nutrients may increase during exercise and physical activity. There are a number of different varieties but the most common are protein, amino acids and vitamins or minerals and these are usually sold in the form of powders, capsules or tablets.

It is important to keep in mind that these are supplements that should be taken as a complement to a varied dietary intake and must never replace ordinary food or drink. See it as a flexible and economical way to enhance your diet.

Who should take supplements?

We have supplements for both men, women, strength trainers, elite athletes and everyday exercisers. What you should eat for supplements depends on what effects you want to access and what you as a person have for preferences and needs. Dietary supplements have an impact on a number of different functions in the body, ranging from increasing your well-being, contributing to a deeper sleep to promoting muscle recovery and helping in the process of increasing muscle mass. Or maybe you want to increase your weight and need to get extra protein and want to eat some form of protein powder because it is smooth and easy. By eating pure supplements, you can easily add protein, for example, but you do not get fat and extra carbohydrates as if you ate regular protein foods.

You may also have learned that here in Sweden with our Nordic winter climate and dark months, it can be difficult to get enough sunlight and therefore our bodies find it more difficult to produce vitamin D, which means that you may need to eat extra vitamins in case of shortages and needs.

Studies also show that due to how our food is produced and how our soil and soil today have a lower content of minerals than before, it can be difficult to get the daily dose of nutrients through food alone. If you have also chosen a vegetarian or vegan diet or have allergies that prevent you from getting all the substances your body needs in a natural way, it is advisable to add a suitable supplement to your regular diet. In this way, you get a good idea that you are getting what your body needs and you counteract any deficiencies in substances and deficiency diseases.

The reasons for eating supplements are many, you just have to find which one you like best. With us, you will find a wide range for every conceivable occasion and we are happy to help you develop which of our products suits you and your wishes. Under each individual category or product, you can read about the area of ​​use of the different products and what the different supplements are developed for. Feel free to check out our package deals at the same time, which are affordable and combined to help you reach your training goals.

Dietary Supplements for Exercise

If you train a lot and hard, you increase your turnover of a number of different substances. Both by burning them and evaporating when you sweat, for example. Therefore, your need increases and by eating right you can satisfy to some extent. However, studies have shown that today's food production, which is more and more industrialized, has shown that the nutrient content has decreased and also food that grows in the gut has a reduced level of minerals and vitamins due to agriculture being leached. An easy way to compliment this and your food is through supplements.

Dietary Supplements and Side Effects

The dietary supplements that you find on the market in Sweden, you who are healthy can eat without any problems However, there are some points to take into account when you choose to eat some form of supplement:

  • It is important not to overdose on any supplements. Follow the recommended dosage (often stated on the package) and if you are unsure, you can contact the manufacturer who knows what a suitable intake is.
  • If you are taking any kind of medicine, it is a good idea to consult your doctor if you can take supplements with your medicine. You should also not replace medicines with supplements. If, for example, you suspect that you have a vitamin or mineral deficiency, you should seek medical attention so that they can give you the correct diagnosis and explain what measures you specifically need to take.
  • It has also been discovered that certain risk groups have shown sensitivity to dietary supplements. For example, children, pregnant women and the elderly, as well as individuals with impaired physiological function.

If you are unsure, contact the manufacturer of the product you are interested in trying out, they will not be able to answer.

Dietary Supplements Vitamins

Vitamins are something the body needs and many of the varieties are vital to us. However, we need to add these through food or supplements to achieve the daily needs because our body cannot produce most of them.

Essential vitamins are 13 in number and are divided into two categories:

Water-soluble - which are the eight different B vitamins and vitamin C. Should you get a deficiency in any of these, you will notice them fairly quickly and then need to refill because these varieties the body can not store itself.

Fat-soluble - this includes vitamins A, E, K and D and unlike the above-mentioned varieties, the body can store these in excess and therefore it becomes more difficult to get a deficiency.

Vitamins are needed in relatively small amounts but still need to be included in our daily diet in order not to risk any form of deficiency disease. They are also needed for many different processes that take place in the body. For example, they interact with the enzymes in the body, the production of hormones and an antioxidant effect on the whole body. These are things that are important for health and become even more important during stress such as exercise.

Unique high quality dietary supplements

We want to deliver good products that are made in Sweden and with a high quality. We simply want to be unique in the market and be the obvious choice for you when it comes to training products and inspiration. It is important for us to contribute to a community in the training world by maintaining personal contact with our customers, developing good and professional products that you can safely buy on our website.

We are here for you and want to share a training community with you all.