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Protein, a very common term in exercise. Protein is what builds the body and is very important for you who want to build muscle and for your recovery. There are 20 amino acids and long chains of these amino acids make up a protein. In addition to building muscle, protein is needed for many functions in the body, including the building and repair of cells, the formation of hormones and enzymes.

Protein powder then? Well it's a product you've probably heard of many times. But what exactly is a protein powder, how is it made and what makes a protein powder actually good? Below we go through everything you need to know before you choose which product is right for you.

What is a protein powder?

When you do strength training, it is very important that you get enough protein for your muscles to grow and get the recovery you need. An excellent way to do this is to use protein powder in connection with your strength training, either before or after by mixing with, for example, water or milk to get a high protein intake. Protein powder also works great to supplement your daily diet with. If you want tips on how to get protein powder in connection with your diet, you can check out our Recipes:

Different types of protein powder?

Protein comes in all different forms and can consist of animal proteins such as milk protein (whey protein and casein protein), egg protein and vegan protein.

Protein Powder Vassle

The most common is Whey, which is made from milk protein and is better known as "whey" and "whey protein". This is the most well-known and most popular protein supplement as it has a great effect on muscle protein synthesis and has the ability to be absorbed by the body very quickly and it is often said because it is a fast protein. Aware Nutrition's protein powder is a whey protein (whey), made from Swedish raw materials from Swedish farms and is a pure protein with a very high biological value. This means that Aware Nutrition's protein powder consists of high quality proteins that meet the need for all the amino acids we need to get in us. You can find our whey protein here:

Casein Protein

Then there is Casein which the corresponding whey is called a slow protein. It is also a milk protein but it takes much longer for the body to absorb it which makes many people prefer to take it before going to sleep or the like. Aware Nutrition Casein is one of their latest products that has quickly become a very popular product precisely for its ability to supply the muscles with amino acids for a longer period of time. You can find our casein here:

Vegan Protein Powder

Then there is Vegan Protein which is made from only vegetable ingredients such as peas, soy and other vegetables and legumes. A vegan protein therefore contains no milk protein or egg protein and is perfect for you who want to avoid it. You can find our vegan protein powder here:

What does a protein powder do?

Protein powder is a source of protein that contributes to protein synthesis, ie that muscle mass is created.Strength training contributes to a large turnover of protein in your body, by getting protein in connection with exercise or during the rest of the day when the protein levels in the body are low, protein synthesis increases and ensures to reduce the breakdown of muscles during the same time. it can thus be said that protein powder stops muscle breakdown and instead contributes to muscle building. Aware Nutrition's Whey protein is a protein powder that is absorbed extremely quickly by the body and therefore stops muscle breakdown in the fastest possible way.

How is our protein powder made?

Aware Nutrition's whey protein is made from Swedish raw materials from Swedish farms, which means that we can ensure that the protein powder is of the highest quality and at the same time protects the environment. Whey protein is made from cow's milk which, after being milked, is pasteurized at a high temperature and then cooled down. Then a purification process takes place where whey protein is separated from fats, carbohydrates, water and minerals. The whey protein is then filtered and turned into a powder and then flavored with one of our extremely good flavors. Vegan protein powder from Aware is made with a unique combination of pea and rice protein with a fantastic taste.

Save time and money with protein powder!

Among the biggest reasons to use protein powder is how much time and money you save. For maximum muscle building, you should eat 2-3 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight in one day. This is for most of us who live a hectic life difficult to achieve without resorting to help. Protein powder is the perfect help to achieve this. All you need is something to mix the protein powder in and for that a shaker can be smooth. You also need some form of liquid such as water or milk to be able to mix the product. You do not have to cook extra meals, both of which can take up an unnecessary amount of your time and also cost significantly more than what a portion of protein powder costs.

Who can use protein powder?

Protein powder can be used by virtually all people, no matter how active they are, how much they exercise and what their goals are. This is because protein powder helps to promote recovery after physical activities, prevents muscle breakdown, prevents you from getting hungry as easily and maximizes your metabolism. For strength trainers, it is extra important to give yourself the very best conditions for muscle building.

How can you use protein powder?

Aware Nutrition currently offers 3 different protein powders. Whey protein, Casein protein and Vegan protein. Our whey protein is available in four fantastic flavors, chocolate, Vanilla Ice Cream (vanilla), Salted Caramel and Gingerbread, but we are constantly working to produce more good flavors for our fantastic customers. Our casein protein is available in the taste Cookies & Cream and the vegan protein powder in chocolate ball. If you have suggestions for flavors you would like to see in the future, do not hesitate to contact us. Protein powder can be mixed with basically anything, only the imagination sets the limits. Water and milk are popular to mix down their protein powder in as it is both very good but above all can be absorbed quickly. Pancakes, smoothies and porridge are otherwise good to mix in protein powder and give an extra spice while you get extra protein.

Need help choosing the right protein powder for you and your workout? Then you can contact our customer service and you will get help from our knowledgeable staff.