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For many supplements, it can be convenient to use a shaker so you can easily get, for example, your protein powder to the gym or work. Our stylish shakers are equipped with a screw cap and are leak-free. We have sizes between 500 ml - 700 ml where one of our models is equipped with an extra container at the bottom so you can easily bring an extra portion of powder or why not your vitamins and minerals.

Good quality, nice colors and clean design are of course for us so you get access to good and nice equipment.

Water Bottles

For good health and optimal recovery, it is important to drink plenty of water. A man should drink between 2.5L-3L of water per day and a woman should drink between 1.8L-2.1L per day in order for the body to have its needs met. An easy and environmentally friendly way to facilitate their intake is a nice and flexible water bottle that you can easily take with you wherever you go.