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Vegan Protein Powder

The market for dietary supplements is constantly evolving and not least when it comes to the vegan alternatives. The demand and need for non-animal products has increased and with us you will therefore find a fantastic vegan protein powder. When you exercise hard or eat a vegetarian / vegan diet, it can be difficult to get the amount of protein your body needs. Then a dietary supplement made from vegetable protein or pea protein may be the solution for you.

What is Vegan Protein and from which foods are they extracted?

A vegan protein powder is as it sounds a protein powder that is not made from dairy products such as whey and casein.

There are a number of reasons why you prefer vegetable proteins. Maybe you have chosen a vegetarian diet, or you have an allergy to milk and eggs which means that you can not tolerate protein powders that contain these substances. Then a vegan protein is right for you. These proteins are made on substances that are vegetable such as legumes, peas, hemp, soy or rice. This type of protein powder is also usually gluten-free and lactose-free and therefore kind to digestion, which many people prefer.

Pea protein

Pea protein is relatively new on the market and is produced from yellow peas (in some cases from green peas). By pressing and then drying the peas, a pea flour is produced which, after undergoing a purification process, becomes a pea protein concentrate with a protein content of approximately 3560%. This version is excellent for baking, for example, or for making pasta, but to achieve a more isolated and cleaner protein, the process takes place once more and you then get a product with about 75 85% protein content. Pea protein is an easily digestible protein powder and has a high content of the amino acid arginine and is also excellent for those who train hard and a lot.. 

Rice protein

Rice protein is produced by grinding down brown rice and adding vegetable enzymes that together form a rice syrup which is then dried and filtered to obtain a rice protein concentrate. Up to 80% is protein but the concentrate also contains carbohydrates because the starting product brown rice contains a high content of carbohydrates. Rice protein is a protein powder with a slightly lower level of amino acids, so it can be good to combine with, for example, a pea protein or be used when you want to vary or mix your protein intake.

Amino acids in vegan protein 

When you eat a vegetarian / vegan diet, there is a risk that you will not get all the essential amino acids you need. To increase the levels of amino acids in your intake of vegetarian protein, it can be an advantage to use a vegan protein powder and combine two different protein sources and then for example pea and rice protein just to get in you all amino acids that the body can not produce itself .

Why Vegan Protein By Aware 

Many vegans and vegetarians risk a lack of protein and other nutrients. Then a dietary supplement with non-animal proteins can facilitate and you can easily satisfy the body with what it needs in a simple and flexible way. Or if you simply need to avoid lactose, gluten and soy due to allergies, you should buy our dietary supplement Vegan Protein. With a good quality and fantastic taste, you get a product that helps you reach your goals in training and well-being. A unique and good combination of pea and rice protein with all essential amino acids.