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Whey Protein / Whey Protein

Is one of the most popular products on the market and we understand why. It is a really good product for you who train and want to achieve results and want to increase your protein intake.

Where is whey protein?

Whey protein or whey, as it is called in Swedish, is a by-product that is created when you make cheese from cow's milk. When making cheese, the milk is acidified and then whey is released which is then dried to a powder and ingredients are added to enable the product to dissolve in water and taste better. For a detailed table of contents, always read the product labels and get an idea of the content of the product you are using.

What is Whey protein?

Whey protein also called whey protein is a protein supplement that consists of 80% casein and 20% whey. A whey protein concentrate is obtained already after the first steps in the production process and it is the concentrate that becomes what we call Whey protein powder. The protein content is somewhere between 35% - 80% where the higher content of 80% is most common on the market and hence names like Whey80 and Whey100. A whey protein is a complete and complete protein in powder form, which is one of the big reasons for how popular and popular whey protein is by the training world.

Difference between whey and casein?

Whey protein is easy for the body to absorb and quickly gives the desired effect where a Casein protein instead works more slowly and gives the muscles an even uptake for a longer period of time. With the two different time spans, they are suitable for different occasions. If you have trained hard, want to create a feeling of satiety before bedtime, then Casein, which adds protein for a longer period in the body, is suitable. If you do a workout during the day and want to get a quick effect from your protein powder then you should take Whey Protein (whey) to quickly get protein to the muscles .. These are two good products but with different properties that are suitable for different occasions.

What does Whey Protein do 

During the time you train and after your training session, there is a muscle building and a muscle breakdown, which we afterwards feel as training pain. The muscles have simply been used in a strenuous way and need to be repaired and recovered. When the protein's various amino acids flow out into the blood and eventually reach the muscles, that process begins and is crucial to achieving growth and repair of your muscle tissue. If you do not add the protein and amino acids to your muscle mass, the body will not be able to carry out the process and the desired result will be lacking. Therefore, protein is very important whether it comes from food or supplements.

When and how do I use Whey 

A dietary supplement such as protein powder is a flexible and economical way to satisfy your body with the right amount of protein. For example, a shake contains about 22 g of protein and a calorie amount of 120, we turn them into food and then, for example, eggs become the three boiled eggs to get up to the same amount of protein but instead 230 calories. However, dietary supplements should not replace regular diets, so it is best to keep track of how much protein you get in the food you eat and add a protein cake as a complement to achieve your daily needs.

Mix your whey protein with water or milk and you get a protein shake that tastes good and is easy to drink on the go or in the gym.


Whey Protein 100% from Aware

Our Whey Protein is a protein powder made from raw materials from Svenska Gårdar with high-quality and complete protein. A serving contains 22g of protein, of which 5g is BCAAs and only 104 calories, which makes it an ultimate protein supplement.