Casein Aware 700g
Casein Aware 700g
Casein Aware 700g
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Casein Aware 700g

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Aware Casein - Absolutely top class casein from Aware Nutrition that provides a smooth and prolonged release of amino acids.

✅ Adds protein to your muscles for several hours
✅ Helps you build and recover muscle
< meta charset = "utf-8"> ✅ Helps keep protein synthesis up all night
✅ Great taste of Cookies & Cream
Recommended dosage: Mix a scoop (30g) Aware casein with about 400ml water or milk in a shaker. Shake for 30 seconds. NOTE: Dietary supplements should not be used as an alternative to a varied and balanced diet. Keep out of reach of small children and the recommended dose should not be exceeded. Allergy information: Contains a source of phenylalanine, milk protein and lactose. Storage: AWARE 100% WHEY should be stored in a dry, cool and room temperature environment. Best before: See date on packaging. Opened packaging should be consumed within 6 months.


NOTE:Dietary supplements should not be used as an alternative to a varied and balanced diet.

Keep out of reach of small children and the recommended dose should not be exceeded.

Allergy information:Contains a source of phenylalanine, milk protein and lactose.

Storage:AWARE CASEIN should be stored in a dry, cool and room temperature environment.

Best before:See date on packaging. Opened packaging should be consumed within 6 months.

What is casein?

Casein is a milk protein and is the predominant percentage of protein extracted from milk. From the milk's protein, about 80% consists of casein and the remaining whey. When you supply the body with casein, a kind of similar gel is created which is then slowly taken up by the body and flows out into your bloodstream in the form of amino acids. Thanks to the slower absorption, your muscles get an even access to amino acids for a longer time and the muscle building gets a longer maintenance compared to, for example, if you eat whey protein. Casein is classified as a complete protein, which means that a casein protein powder gives you all the amino acids your muscles need to stimulate muscle tissue and its structure.

Where is casein?

Milk protein such as casein can only be found in milk from mammals and dairy products. In our diet, the largest source of casein is from cow's milk, where the protein in foods such as cheese, cottage cheese and quark is almost exclusively casein. The percentage is slightly lower in products such as milk, filet and yoghurt, but still about 75% where the remaining about 25% is whey protein.

Difference between casein and whey?

As you read earlier in the text, there is a big difference in how long the two varieties stimulate the building of your muscles and become in a way opposites of each other. The rapid uptake process of whey gives effect to protein synthesis while casein slow uptake contributes to a better balance between building and breaking down muscle tissue. This is because the two varieties consist of different compositions of the amino acids where casein contains less leucine than whey protein.

What does Casein do?

With a intake of protein, amino acids are released in the stomach which are picked up by the bloodstream and transport these to the muscles of the body. With amino acids as a form of building blocks, there is a muscle building and to some extent a muscle breakdown, but a dietary supplement such as casein helps to maintain a good balance between the two processes. It is a good dietary supplement that works as an excellent complement to a varied diet and helps you achieve the desired results in your training and weight loss journey.

When and how do I use casein?

Casein protein can be ingested in the same way as other protein powders on the market and food products. To achieve effect, it is beneficial to consume at least 20 grams of protein per occasion (applies to most proteins) so to easily achieve that level, you can advantageously ensure that it is present in your main protein source in your diet during the day, as well as in meals and in your snacks. If you want to increase your protein intake for a period, you can advantageously eat a dietary supplement such as casein powder instead of, for example, whey because casein has a slow absorption capacity and thus lasts longer than whey which is consumed faster by the body and where the effect is over in a few hours. If you exercise hard, you can also take casein to counteract muscle breakdown at night or if you know that they will be delayed between occasions where you can eat some form of meal. It can help with hunger and gives you a feeling of satiety that makes you feel full and satisfied longer. Which can make it easier if you go on a temporary diet, have problems with cravings for sweets or want to maintain your current weight.

A good addition

Casein protein works great for mixing good protein shakes, in the morning porridge or why not a creamy protein pudding. Just adjust the amount of liquid to get the desired consistency of, for example, pudding or porridge.

For more tips on recipes or help with choosing which dietary supplement is right for you and your training, you can contact us and we will help you in the best way.

Ingredients: Milk protein concentrate (80% casein, 20% whey protein), flavor, stabilizer: xanthan gum, salt, sweetener: aspartame (E951), ace-k (E950)

Nutritional Value Per: 100 g / Portion (30 g) Energy: 337kcal / 1431kJ / 101 kcal / 429kJ Fat: 3.3g / 1g Of which saturated fat: 1.9g / 0.6 g Carbohydrates: 5g / 1.5 g Of which sugars: 5g / 1.5g Protein: 72g / 21.6 g Salt: 1.3g / 0.4g

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Petter G

Riktigt god! 👍💯


Riktigt bra jobbat! Älskar toffe chocolate smaken, 10/10

Jesper A

Älskar detta kasein! Kvalite och smak sitter där den ska


Vispar kaseinet som vanligt men för att gå lur fluff och tjockare fluff vispar jag i frusna hallon...så galet gott och bra.

Cornelia B.
Konstig smak

Smaken är väldigt ”konstgjord” och inte alls god. Kan tyvärr inte rekommendera den här produkten


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Mikä on kaseiini?

Kaseiini on maitoproteiini, ja se on prosentuaalisesti suurin maidosta uutetun proteiinin lähde. Maidon proteiinista noin 80% on kaseiinia ja loput heraa. Kun nautit kaseiinia, sen hitaasti imeytyvä ominaisuus antaa pitkään kestävän tasaisen aminohappovirran. Hitaamman imeytymisnopeuden ansiosta lihakset saavat aminohappoja tasaisesti pidemmän aikaa ja lihasten rakennusprosessi pysyy pidempään yllä. Kaseiini luokitellaan täydelliseksi proteiiniksi, mikä tarkoittaa, että kaseiiniproteiinijauhe antaa sinulle kaikki aminohapot, joita lihaksesi tarvitsevat lihaskudoksen stimuloimiseksi ja sen rakentamiseksi.

Missä on kaseiinia? 

Kaseiini on maidon pääasiallinen proteiini. Lehmänmaidon sisältämästä proteiinista noin 80% on kaseiinia ja loput noin 20% on heraa. Maitoproteiinia, kuten kaseiinia, esiintyy vain nisäkkäiden maidossa ja maitotuotteissa. Ruokavaliossamme suurin kaseiinin lähde on lehmänmaito. Juustojen, raejuuston ja rahkan kaltaisten elintarvikkeiden sisältämä proteiini on lähes yksinomaan kaseiinia. Prosenttiosuus on hieman alhaisempi maidon, viilin, piimän ja jogurtin kaltaisissa tuotteissa, mutta on edelleen noin 75 prosenttia on kaseiinia, ja loput 25 prosenttia on heraproteiinia.  

Mitä eroa kaseiinilla ja heralla on?

Kuten jo aikaisemmin luit, suurin ero kaseiinin ja heran välillä on niiden imeytymisnopeus. Hera imeytyy nopeasti ja täten stimuloi myös proteiinisynteesiä nopeasti, kun taas kaseiini imeytyy hitaammin, antaen lihaksille pitkän ja tasaisen aminohappovirran. Tämä johtuu siitä, että kaseiinin ja heran aminohappokoostumus on erilainen. Kaseiini sisältää vähemmän leusiinia kuin hera. 

Mitä kaseiini tekee? 

Proteiinia nauttiessa aminohappoja vapautuu vatsasta verenkiertoon ja lihaksiin. Aminohapot ovat rakennuspalikoita lihaksille, ja kaseiini auttaa pitämään lihaksien rakennusprosessia pidempään yllä, mikä estää lihasten hajoamisen. Kaseiini on loistava lisäravinne monipuolisen ruokavalion täydennykseksi, joka auttaa sinua saavuttamaan haluamasi tulokset. Kaseiini luokitellaan täydelliseksi proteiiniksi, eli saat siitä kaikki aminohapot, joita lihaksesi tarvitsevat proteiinisynteesin stimuloimiseksi ja lihaskudoksen rakentamiseksi. 

Milloin ja miten käytän kaseiinia? 

Tehokkaimman vaikutuksen saamiseksi proteiinia kannattaa nauttia vähintään 20g kerrallaan (pätee myös muihin proteiineihin). Varmista, että saat proteiinia jokaisella aterialla pitkin päivää. Jos haluat saada pitkäkestoisen vaikutuksen proteiinista, kaseiini on tähän loistava ratkaisu. Kaseiinista on hyötyä myös lihasten kasvuprosessille yön ajaksi, tai jos tiedät ateriavälin venyvän pitkäksi. Kaseiini voi auttaa pitämään nälän loitolla ja antaa sinulle kylläisen tunteen pidemmäksi ajaksi. Sen takia kaseiini onkin hyvä apu dieetille tai taistelussa mielitekoja vastaan. 

Hyvä lisäravinne

Voit sekoittaa kaseiinijauhettamme proteiinipirtelöihin ja puuroon tai vaikka tehdä sen avulla proteiinivanukasta. 

Jos haluat lisää reseptivinkkejä tai apua oikean lisäravinteen valitsemisessa sinulle ja lajillesi, ota meihin yhteyttä, niin autamme sinua parhaalla mahdollisella tavalla.