Our Story

Aware Nutrition is a company in exercise and health with a focus on dietary supplements that are made in Sweden. With several thousand satisfied customers and rapid growth via social media, Aware Nutrition has taken its place in the market in a very short time. In addition to dietary supplements, we also offer training clothes & accessories.



The spread on social media and a lot of time on marketing resulted in rapid growth with both the number of orders and an expanded range. It only took a few months before it was time to upgrade and relocate the warehouse.

Since then, the company has only continued to grow with an expanded range and number of customers. Our vision has always been clear. We did not want to release all products immediately and stress them out, but we wanted each product to have a careful development and a professional idea for each product to be perfect and unique. And even with our customers, every customer should feel as satisfied as possible and appreciated to stay with the brand as a customer. Our products are manufactured here in Sweden in a GMP certified environment, with high quality and fantastic flavors.

Aware Nutrition has grown from only sales to a retailer from a garage to one of Sweden's fastest growing brands. This growth comes from a hard job with high quality products with fantastic flavors, made in Sweden.

But Aware Nutrition's message was not only to have the best products, but we wanted to create a community around exercise and health, able inspire and motivate people to this lifestyle. Everyone should feel involved, appreciated and be able to do what they really want.

What do our customers say about us?

“Aware is a company that is unlike anything else I have ever experienced. The customer service, the products, the community, the feeling and everything else that has to do with them is just great. Have never had anything negative to say about either the company as a whole or just the products! You not only feel like a customer with them but you feel like part of their success, a little more like a friend. And they always show their gratitude on social media and with various giveaways etc. If the company deserves the hell of the year, can not think how far you will go! ”

"The first time I heard about Aware nutrition I was a little skeptical at first but after an order I do not regret, sick good tastes of all products not too sweet, pulled 2 orders in less than 2v they say one and other! So you are looking for a protein powder, bcaa, pwo or why not a nice Hoodie so order - You will not regret it!
Great praise to Joel and Fabian you have done a sick good job! "

Contact Us

We work hard to engage and let our customers be part of our growth. Therefore, you are warmly welcome to come up with suggestions for products or flavors we should develop or similar things within the company.

If you want to help us with this or have other questions, you are warmly welcome to contact us! < br />
Click here to contact us: info@awarenutrition.se