What is PWO?


Pwo is an abbreviation for Pre-Workout, which is a product that is taken for performance-enhancing purposes before training and physical activity. PWO has become very popular in a short time because it helps with:

  • Increased energy and endurance
  • Increased focus during the training session
  • Increased pump in the muscles
  • Increased strength
  • So you can train longer and harder


A good PWO will give an immediate effect and take your sessions to a new level. A common description of the effects of a Pre-Workout is that it creates a strong focus, a tunnel vision with a feeling of being unstoppable with a good pump in the muscles throughout the training session. A performance-enhancing dietary supplement contains ingredients that increase your performance during physical activity so that you can, among other things, endure more and perform better.


Since there are many variants of PWO - Pre Workout on the market, it is important to choose the one that suits you and your purpose. PWO is usually divided into two different types. A performance-enhancing PWO with topics that focus on giving you energy and better focus. Or a "pump" PWO that focuses more on giving you increased Pump, substances that affect the level of nitric oxide which in turn dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow which leads to increased pump.

There are products on the market that focus on individual effects, while we at Aware Nutrition have chosen to produce a PWO with ingredients that help you achieve all these performance-enhancing effects (including pump) and a PWO that is stim-free and only focuses on pump, without caffeine. We at Aware want to offer two Pre-Workouts with formulas that are good and give you the desired effect in a safe and good way.


Pre-Workout is recommended to be taken 30 minutes before training, but may vary from person to person. However, a continuous intake of PWO can impair the product's effect because the body quickly gets used to the intake. A tip is to pause your intake at regular intervals and let the body rest from the effects and avoid intake on the days you rest from training. When you feel that the body has had its break, you can use your performance enhancer again. If you are a new user of PWO, you should think about slowly increasing the dose and gradually getting your body used to an intake.

On our cans there are dosage instructions and don't forget to review the substances that AWARE PWO contains and its effects. Do you have questions or are unsure which PWO suits you? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you with your choice.


If you dose according to the recommended dosage and maximum dose per day, PWO is not dangerous. However, PWO is not recommended for pregnant women, children under 18, breastfeeding or people with medical conditions. If any of these apply to you, it can be dangerous and you should not use PWO.