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Aware Plasma

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Varför ska jag ta denna produkt?

Aware Plasma is a magnificent shoal-free Pre-Workout and our biggest news. A nitric oxide product with substances that will take your workouts to new levels. Perfect for you who train in the evenings, do not appreciate caffeine or for you who just want an extreme, crazy pump.

✅ Extreme Pump
✅ Nitric Oxide Raising
✅ Voice Free / Caffeine Free
Can be combined with Aware PWO & Aura-7 PWO
Advanced Topics such as Glyzersize ™ and NO3-T®

Dosage: Mix 2 scoops (16g) with 500 ml of water and drink 20-30 minutes before physical activity. The recommended dosage is 2 scoops per day and should not be exceeded. - Aware Plasma contains glycerol whose natural form is actually liquid. But this is a stable form of it, though still very hydroscopic which makes it easily absorb moisture. This is counteracted with silica, which means that it does not solidify. However, it can still be a bit clumsy and a different consistency from our Aware PWO. No problem! Try to break these lumps and shake the jar. When you put 2 buckets in the water, it will easily dissolve.

OBS: Kosttillskott bör ej användas som ett alternativ till en varierad och balanserad kost.

Varning: Rekommenderas därför ej till gravida, barn, ammande, personer med medicinska tillstånd. Förvaras utom räckhåll för små barn. Rekommenderas ej för personer under 18 år och maximal dosering bör ej överskridas.

Allergiinformation: Innehåller en källa till fenylalanin.

Förvaring: AWARE PLASMA bör förvaras i en torr, sval och rumstempererad miljö utom räckhåll för barn.

Bäst före: Se burkens lock, öppnad burk bör förbrukas inom 2 månader.

l-citrullin, glycersize, l-tyrosin, arginin alpha ketoglutarat, argininnitrat, aromer, surhetsreglerande medel: äpplesyra (E296), druvkärnsextrakt, rödbetsextrakt, sötningsmedel: aspartam (E951), ace K (E950), färgämne: klorofyllkopparkomplex (E141), klumförebyggande medel: kiseldioxid (E551), rosenrot

2 scoops (16g)

5000 mg - L-Citrullin

2500 mg - Glycerize

2000 mg - AAKG (Arginine Alphacetoglutarate)

2000 mg - Creatine Monohydrate

< p> 1000 mg - NO3-T (Arginine nitrate)

250 mg - L-norvaline

200 mg - Gymnema Extract

What is Plasma?

You can find that information on the category page, click here:

What does it differ from other PWOs?

We have carefully selected the substances contained in Aware Plasma and also carefully selected the dosage for each substance per bucket so that the body can have an effect of each substance. Then it's up to you and see if it suits you!

How many servings are there?

It is 22 servings (One serving is 2 scoops)

Is there an age limit?

Our recommendation is that you are 18 years old. If you have a parent's permission and you are used to caffeine, we usually recommend that you are at least 15 years old.

What does it taste like?

Fresh Lemonade: Imagine a hot summer day, you are so thirsty and need something really thirsty. Then you bring out a jug of cold lemonade! There you have the experience approximately when you drink Fresh Lemonade.

How many calories does it contain?

About 20-30 calories per scoop, ie very little.

How much caffeine does it contain?

Nothing at all! Aware Plasma is a “NON-STIM” PWO, which means that there are no central stimulants like caffeine in it.

Can you combine it with any other product?

Yes, you can combine it with Aware PWO which is ours “Voice” PWO. A scoop of both products gives a really boosted effect.

Customer Reviews

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William Hultgren
Bra produkter

Bra produkter till rimligt pris

Ingemar Strömberg
Super Bra

Riktigt bra och ger allt som behövs

Daniel Hultgren
Plasma koffeinfri pwo

Rätt okej. Ger lilla extra

Adam Ajrouc
Grymma produkter

Aldrig fått så mycket energi och grymma gympass som med eran pwo

Rasmus axelsson

Hur bra som helst!

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